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Unlike other wholesalers our minimum order amount is low enough even the most budget conscious small business can get started selling our products! We offer both our branded Buck Ridge Soap Company products that are retail ready to sell or you can purchase products without labels so you can use your own unique branding on them or sell them without branding, give as gifts...whatever you want! We also do not require a sales tax ID or business license other wholesalers might ask for. So it makes it easier for new and hobbyist businesses to get started selling!

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Our Commitment to the Environment

Natural Wholesale Soap by Buck Ridge Soap Company is committed to providing quality products using the best and most responsibly sourced base oils and natural ingredients in our products. Every loaf of soap, bottle of beard oil, tin of beard balm or bottle of beard wash is made and packaged in our Springfield, Arkansas workshop. We use RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil and our goat milk and honey or beeswax used in some products are all from local family owned farms not commercial farming operations.

We are animal friendly, none of our products are EVER animal tested. Many of our products are vegan and have no animal products at all such as our beard oils, beard washes and many of our soaps.

We believe in rural communities and small businesses as well as small family farms and believe that these are important for our environment and our nations economy. We believe in helping others start their own small businesses and hope that selling our products can help create a better life for themselves and their families as well as their customers through the use of products good for their skin and the enviornment. 

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